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We understand what you are going through.

We can help.

There are probably so many questions you are thinking of right now. Maybe you aren’t even sure where to begin. 

Just take a breath and pause.  We are here to listen, to support you through this journey. 

The most important thing to remember, it’s your decision. 

You have complete control during your adoption.

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24/7 Support

    Our staff is available 24/7, to listen, to offer support, and to encourage

Your Baby, Your Plan

We will provide you with all your available options so you can make a strong, informed, and proper decision to best serve your child.

You're Never Alone

We work with you from start to finish until you have found the best plan for you and your child.

Choosing a Family

We provide you with a selection of families that meet your desires for your child's future.


You can still put your baby up for adoption after birth

YES, you can place your child up for adoption after birth.

We have helped women make last minute adoption plans. They have contacted us while in labor on the way to the hospital, at the hospital, and even when they are home with their baby. It is never too late to make an adoption plan.

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This plan creates a relationship between you & adoptive parents that offers direct contact. Interaction before and after delivery is typical. 

The forms of communication prior to birth may be talking on the phone, texting, email and face-to-face meetings. This contact can continue after the birth as well. 

You will receive updates and pictures from the adoptive family on how the child is doing. The types and frequency of contact will be decided between the birth mother and the adoptive family.


With this plan there is limited contact. Prior to delivery, you and adoptive family may have direct contact by phone, text, email and face-to-face meetings.

In the past the communication between birth mother and the adoptive family after delivery was handled through the agency with pictures and letters. While this is still an option, many semi-open adoptions are handled through social media outlets.

The frequency of updates will be decided between the birth mother and the adoptive family.


In a closed adoption, you can select the adoptive family or you can have us select the adoptive family for you. 

There may be communications between you and the adoptive family before birth, but usually identifying information is limited. After birth there will be no communication.

No updates, letters or pictures would be provided throughout the child’s life.

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Your Baby, Your Adoption Plan

Absolutely. This is 100% up to you who adopts your baby. Think about what you want for your child. College education, playing sports, living in the country, siblings or no siblings... and your requests can go on. We will find the perfect family for you and your baby, giving you confidence in the future.

Many women waiver during their adoption plan. That is ok! You do not have to have your mind made up. We want to spend some time to get to know you and your situation and for you to decide if adoption is right for you. Your adoption coordinator is your support person and will be there to listen to your feelings and help you.

Yes, you can receive financial help according to the laws of the state you reside. Our Adoption Professionals and Attorneys will insure you get all of the financial assistance you are entitled to.

Absolutely! We encourage women to look through adoptive family’s profiles until they have found their forever family.

Open adoption in a short answer is the amount of future contact you want with the family after the adoption. Open Adoption can be visits, picture and letters, social media exchanges, and any communication you and the adoptive family agree to.

Yes, we encourage meeting and communicating with the family before the adoption. You can have as much interaction with the family as you feel comfortable with.

Yes, an expectant mother who is a minor may place her child for adoption if it is the best decision for her. In many cases, the laws are the same as an adult placing a child for adoption. However, depending on your circumstances and your state laws, you may need to involve your parents in this decision.

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